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We want to help you grow as efficiently as possible. Monarch Greenhouse Solutions is an experienced greenhouse installer, providing state-of-the-art greenhouse climate control and greenhouse irrigation systems.

We provide top-notch greenhouse installation.

Looking for an honest, reliable greenhouse installer in Northern Utah or Southern Idaho? Look no further. We will help you design, build, and install your custom greenhouse down to the most precise measurements.

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Custom solutions for new & existing greenhouses

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Serving Northern Utah & Southern Idaho

Automate watering with a custom greenhouse irrigation system.

A custom watering system for your greenhouse makes complete sense. It’ll help you save time on watering and allow your plants to thrive with just the right amount of water. Learn about our custom sprinkler systems for greenhouses— whether you’ve got a small backyard greenhouse or a large growing operation, we can help.

Keep plants happy with a greenhouse climate control system.

Maintaining the ideal temperature, exposure, and humidity levels for your plants is crucial to your greenhouse’s success. We’ve helped dozens of residential and commercial greenhouse owners create the perfect growing conditions by designing customized greenhouse climate control systems.